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The Happiness Playshop Mini-Course

Learning about Happiness is one of the most important keys deeply connected to not only your emotional health but also your physical, mental and spiritual health that supports a healthy, fulfilling life.


12-months Increased Personal Energy and Potential

Investing in yourself and in your health, in a way you may never have before.!


6-Months Increased Personal Energy and Potential

This coaching experience is unique in that we will co-create strategies to deliver an extremely high level of accountability, loving support, and the right system, so you make empowered decisions and take bold action toward transformation that helps you achieve your goals in business, life and improving your Energy and overall health.


Start With Sleep foundation course (Coming Soon!)


About Mag

goodlifesleep is the creation of Mag Secretario, a leading transformational wellness coach, and entrepreneur who is committed to connecting the dots between the multi-dimensional aspects of sleep, health, personal energy, and potential.

Through goodlifesleep, Mag helps high achieving professional, coaches, and entrepreneur women live their very best authentic lives by improving their sleep, the crucially important foundation of health.

Mag employs a unique and diverse ‘whole life’ approach that brings together the best practices of the EAST and WEST in nutrition, fitness, health, the latest science, and technological findings to create the most effective products and services possible.

Combined with his passion, a network of like-minded experts, and 25+ years of experience in the health, beauty and wellness industry, Mag is able to awaken the best in his clients so that they thrive in both their professional and personal lives.


Success Stories

I’ve been blessed to have worked with Mag over the past 3 months on his goodlifesleep program. During this time I have made changes in my life, my diet, my mindset to help me with my sleep. I have learned so much from Mag and am grateful to have him as my accountability coach. He’s a loving and caring man who always has my best interests at heart. I didn’t realise that there are so many factors that affect sleep and Mag’s depth of knowledge is amazing.

-Kim McMonagle, Perth,Western Australia
  Co-Founder, at Global Success Events

I appreciated getting coached by Mag. He is so understanding and caring and real. He helped me get a better feel about what might be going on with my sleep maintenance insomnia. He was generous with his time and shared some nice resources.

Thanks, Mag! If you are having any issue with sleep, give him a call.

-Susan Nagl. Denver, Colorado

Thank you for the amazing mission to increase sleep awareness. I’ve been a very bad sleeper, I’m an online entrepreneur, very much a classic workaholic, especially my target audience live in different time zone, I tend to lose my sleep over answering customer emails etc.

I didn’t even know I was not functioning well at my best until I met Mag Secretario at his first workshop. I learned a lot on that day from his presentation, still, now I took them as my new found religion. It feels like magical pills to my productivity! Huge thanks to your mission!

-Monica Batsukh. London, UK

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