Mag Secretario

has over 25 years of experience as an empathetic, creative problem-solver and now helps women achieve their fullest potential in life and business as a certified Personal Energy & Potential Coach and co-creator of goodlifesleep.

A transformation to a better you!

As a result of burning out in the corporate world and dealing with fatigue, depression and stress, Mag learned a very hard lesson – you CANNOT achieve your goals if you are not healthy.

Your health should be your HIGHEST priority.

Mag decided to redefine his purpose in life around this lesson. He now passionately supports and serves high achieving professional women, like you, who are changing the world with tools, strategies and energy.

He helps these women manage their stress and prevent overwhelm and burnout so that they can live the lives they love.

Are you happy with your life, business and health?

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Are you loving your life?

Discover 5 Secrets for Better Sleep Tonight!

Mag is here to help you discover the REAL secret to your success by showing you how to invest in yourself and take 100% responsibility for the life you lead.

He can show you EXACTLY how to manage your health and therefore increase productivity and success in all areas of life. No matter where you are today or how far off you have fallen from your ‘plan,’ this is a JOURNEY for you!

Mag invites you to join him in TRANSFORMING your OWN health and success.

To start, discover why Mag’s 5 Elements Of Coaching Approach To Wellbeing will help you manage your PERSONAL ENERGY. It’s not about managing time. TRUE effectiveness is more about managing the ENERGY you bring to every hour of your day.

Aligning with nature and the elements of the seasons, you will learn & experience, why Winter is the best time to restore your energy and Summer, is the best time re-energize!

It is the perfect time to learn something new about how your sleep and health will give you energy now and throughout the 5 seasons to achieve your goals and dreams in business and in life.

Your health is your wealth!


If you’re ready to uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the energy you want, then NOW is the perfect time to schedule a private “Energy Breakthrough Call” with me.