What is freedom in your life?

grateful happiness purpose Jul 14, 2020


Two things that will help but are often forgotten 


It does not require many words to speak of freedom.”  inspired by Chief Joseph, Nez Perce 


Freedom has been a powerful issue, especially during these times and something I have personally experienced challenges with as a person of colour. I’m simply here to inspire you to redefine this for yourself and appreciate this more as an approach to living rather than a word talked about in July. Although I’ve touched on independence and interdependence and other topics around this last year, let’s take this a bit deeper because I believe it can bring some sense of clarity for you…


A few weekends ago, we were on a mini personal Quest to better understand the challenges of not only the current state of the world but more personally, our purpose here and why we were experiencing the painful process of caregiving burnout. With your permission, I’ll share a small part of that.

As we spent 3 days hiking, meditating and practising tai chi & qigong on the beaches, forests and mountains of the Olympic National Park, twice an eagle flew above me and even circled me once. I truly believe this is my ‘spirit animal’ that inspired me to write again after some reflection from my previous post about my cousin’s far too early passing.


I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free… so other people would be also free.”   Rosa Parks  

An eagle has always been my symbol of freedom but more deeply my spirit animal as it also symbolizes vision and clarity for me most powerfully, something I’ve been calling inner vision in my videos for 2020. Yes, eagles are quite common in this part of the country and you may see many, especially when you join us one day as I lead a retreat here that we have now postponed.

What is clear for me now, more than ever, are the life lessons around our health & wellbeing (mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally) and our happiness. When many of us are experiencing illness, death, fear & unhappiness, this is when we seem to turn inwards. Why can’t we be motivated by good health, happiness and a positive vision for the future? How does the word freedom come into this conversation?


“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.”   Albert Camus 


While we experience the day to day, sometimes hour to hour difficulty and challenges as caregivers, our family has been divided over it and the truth is constantly twisted and hidden while the media is triggering fear and hatred.  This is definitely not my idea of living a life of freedom in a country where freedom is costing lives and livelihoods. We are not free to travel, not free from racism and illness and we don’t feel free to be ourselves fully.

What I am seeing more of is the opportunity, indeed it’s a chance to ‘make things right’ or as the ancient Hawaiians call ‘pono’ from the word ho‘oponopono”, the Hawaiian forgiveness process. Forgiveness is a powerful part of becoming free for me but even that’s evolved into more a practice of gratitude so that I’m not subconsciously thinking that I’m forgiving someone or something that has done me wrong. Instead, at least for me, coming from gratitude implies forgiveness and elevates and projects me into the future while being present.

So, what is that people often forget when it comes to freedom? Consider this. You can not experience freedom without your health and happiness. Are you truly free if your life is not all aligned? That’s it! We share this all the time.


Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.”   Khalil Gibran 


First always, self-care or what we call, the Power of SHE Sleep. Health. Energy. starting with Sleep. Think of sleep as the foundation which supports your energy and mood, your fitness, exercise or movement routine, your nutrition plans and even your lifestyle. It happens to be what strengthens our immune system, something we all want right now! Lots of info ‘out there’ (and bits and pieces on our site here) but accountability and support are why I’m here as a Personal Energy & Potential Coach. We all need someone who listens and can help you discover your own path to freedom, health and happiness.

Secondly and simply, “There is no way to happiness – happiness is the way.” Thich Nhat Hanh.  It is the way, it is in the process, on the journey and through the highs and lows that not only feel great emotionally, but it can also actually help extend your life. It can help you see, empower and inspire you to higher things. Caregiving is showing us in a painful yet powerful way that we do indeed have a choice between happiness or unhappiness. Between peace and war.  Freedom for me is having a choice and I choose my own health, wellbeing and happiness. Let me show you the way.


None but ourselves can free our minds.”   Bob Marley