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-Freya Blyth 


-Gina Decker


-Trish McGrady Willis


Restful sleep and therefore productive days!

I recently attended a presentation by Mag Secretario as part of our John Lewis Partnership day. A day in the workplace where we celebrate being part of a co-owned business.  On this occasion, we ran a series of summer school classes where we could learn more about our business, our interests,and our suppliers. The breadth of subjects was incredible!

As part of this Mag hosted a workshop aimed at sharing tips and relaxation techniques to help you have a restful nights sleep and therefore productive days.

I attended not because I thought I had a sleep issue but because increasingly I found myself needing less sleep….or so I thought! Going to sleep later and later but being tired during the day.

Having heard Mag I was quickly able to ‘diagnose’ that too much technology before bed was probably the issue. My addiction to my iPad in the evening was a possible cause. So I set out to have a cut off an hour before going to bed. It should probably be more but it works with my routine. Surprise, surprise I now find going to sleep earlier much easier…and, as a result, feel less tired during the day. A simple recipe for better sleep.

Thank you, Mag!


  Kim Morris, London,UK
Head of Store Design, John Lewis

I have been suffering from insomnia…

I have been suffering from insomnia over a few months, mostly due to having too much on my mind. I sometimes find it very difficult to switch off and the adrenaline seems to still be raging through the night, particularly on Sunday nights. Some days I’ve gone to important meetings on zero hours sleep, feeling like a zombie, which is absolutely awful.

So I decided that I had to make a change. The first step was to mindfully change my pre-sleep routine but I was then lucky enough to try Sprayable Sleep through Mag’s enterprise called goodlifesleep. Sprayable Sleep has definitely made a big difference. Since I started using it the insomnia is under control, I’m able to get to sleep and stay asleep. It feels like a gentle, gradual and natural process into sleep (rather than medically induced) and I wake up feeling normal and refreshed. It’s also a very convenient format to keep at hand and use when needed.

I’ve known Mag for over 15 years and I believe his purpose to help people solve this problem is a genuine desire to improve people’s quality of life. Mag has always had a strong driving force for improving our world and creating healthy lifestyles. goodlifesleep is a logical step and one where he can achieve his mission to help people find the lifestyle they need.


  Joanna Lambert, Barcelona, Spain

I’ve been blessed to have worked with Mag!

I’ve been blessed to have worked with Mag over the past 3 months on his goodlifesleep program. During this time I have made changes in my life, my diet, my mindset to help me with my sleep. I have learned so much from Mag and am grateful to have him as my accountability coach. He’s a loving and caring man who always has my best interests at heart. I didn’t realise that there are so many factors that affect sleep and Mag’s depth of knowledge is amazing.

He has even done extra research into my health challenges to find out how they affect my sleep and what tweaks to make to help me. I would absolutely recommend Mag as a coach to help… in more ways than you’ll ever imagine.


Kim McMonagle, Perth,Western Australia
  Co-Founder, at Global Success Events

Increase sleep awareness!

Thank you for the amazing mission to increase sleep awareness. I’ve been a very bad sleeper, I’m an online entrepreneur, very much a classic workaholic, especially my target audience live in different time zone, I tend to lose my sleep over answering customer emails etc.

I didn’t even know I was not functioning well at my best until I met Mag Secretario at his first workshop. I learned a lot on that day from his presentation, still, now I took them as my new found religion. It feels like magical pills to my productivity! Huge thanks to your mission!


  Monica Batsukh. London, UK

His coaching has impacted my sleep quality!

Much gratitude to Mag Secretario for sharing his passion and expertise in helping people with sleep. Mag is creating awareness of how important sleep is to our health, his coaching has impacted my sleep quality for the better.

As a Health & Lifestyle Coach, I understand the benefits of quality sleep, and it comes up often with my clients. I had the chance to share Mag’s work in a ‘deep dive’ into sleep with someone I’m working with, and in one session Mag led us in exploring these clients sleep habits/routine while drawing out his issues.

Mag made specific recommendations and helped us create the conditions for inevitable success, in this case not waking (and staying up) many times in a night. This person, a father and family man, is now having nights of straight sleep and loving the results of doing so.

As a coach, I learned so much from Mag in his session, and feel I’ve expanded my toolbox for helping others with sleep! If you (or someone you know) wants to sleep better, or if you’re a coach who wants to help your clients with sleep, I highly recommend Mag.


  Greg Teha. Alberta,Canada

Having a Coach is life-changing!

I can truly say that having a Coach is life-changing, especially when it’s Mag Secretario! Before I began working with him I didn’t think I needed a Coach to help me achieve goals. Little did I know that working with Mag would help me to pursue and achieve successes in my life that I had never considered to truly be possible for myself. I now believe that everyone needs a Coach to be his or her best in body, mind and soul, even another great Coach!

Mag and I began working together when we were in Coach training. We met every week without hesitation for accountability to get our weekly coursework completed to the very best of our ability. We both achieved that and in record time. Since then Mag and I have continued to Coach each other weekly. We have now worked together for a year and a half without fail. Each week Mag challenges me to be the very best version of myself both personally and professionally.

Mag is very patient and he listens carefully and is quite skilled in his ability to read between the lines in order to draw out where I might be getting stuck. He coaches me to set goals and make the best decisions and choices for myself. Then he holds me accountable!

I am confident in stating that I would not have been able to achieve the success I have to date without having Mag as my Coach. Whatever it is that you might be seeking to change or if you want to take your life to a higher level I highly recommend Mag to help you get there.


  Vicki Tichenor. Houston, Texas


goodlifesleep is wonderful! Mag is knowledgeable and caring.


  Susan Townsend. Morris Plains, New Jersey

Are you having any issue with sleep?

I appreciated getting coached by Mag. He is so understanding and caring and real. He helped me get a better feel about what might be going on with my sleep maintenance insomnia. He was generous with his time and shared some nice resources.

Thanks, Mag! If you are having any issue with sleep, give him a call.

  Susan Nagl. Denver, Colorado

Optimum health and well being!

Thank you Mag for your expertise in the area of sleep for our optimum health and well being. It is so essential to all areas of our vibrant life. Thank you!

  Janet Grace Nelson. Big Bear Lake, California

Slimmer, and more energetic body!

I enjoyed working with Mag on the 14 days cleanse. He was patient and encouraged me to find my body’s own way. Knowing he was in my camp gave me the confidence to try new things, bust through the setbacks and commence what I believe will be a lifelong path to a trimmer, slimmer, and more energetic body!

  Sue Tribolini. Seattle, Washington