12 plays to win at the game of Life


Welcome to The Happiness Playshop!

My intention always is to inspire greater sleep, health and energy so YOU can truly be the best coach you can be and live your full potential!

As a Master Coach for coaches, some of you know my passion is sleep and I truly believe everything is connected to sleep.

Learning about Happiness is one of the most important keys deeply connected to not only your emotional health but also your physical, mental and spiritual health that supports a healthy, fulfilling life.

The purpose of this playshop and this playbook is to not only share the latest research in positive psychology & neuroscience why happiness is important to you, but it’s also to discover what your inner wisdom says about what makes you (and your clients) happy and therefore, healthier.

Let’s have fun putting some of these ‘plays’ into practice! Use this playbook to take actions on these effective plays that have been proven to increase happiness to help you and your clients build better habit change!

Contents in the PlayBook

The practices in this Science & Practice of Happiness playshop were inspired by “Psychology and the Good Life”, the most popular course in Yale’s University history!

  • Why is Happiness Important to You? -page 1
  • Play #1 Measure your Happiness -page 2
  • Authentic Happiness Inventory -page 3
  • Satisfaction with Life Scale -page 4
  • Play #2 Character strengths -page 5
  • Using your Character Strengths -pages 6-9
  • Your Character Strengths -page 10
  • Play #3 Gratitude journaling -page 11
  • Gratitude experiences -pages 12-13
  • Play #4 Savoring -page 14
  • Savouring experiences -page 15
  • Play #5 Meditate -page 16
  • Meditation experiences -page 17
  • Play #6 Breathing -page 18
  • Breathing experiences -page 19
  • Play #7 Sleep -page 20
  • Sleep experiences journal -page 21
  • Play #8 Movement -page 22
  • Moving experiences journal -page 23
  • Play #9 Social connection -page 24
  • Connecting experiences -page 25
  • Play #10 Random acts of kindness -page 26
  • Random acts of your kindness -page 27
  • Play #11 Gratitude letter and visit -page 28
  • Play #12 Measure your Happiness again -page 29
  • Follow through play -page 30
  • References -page 31
  • surprises!


  • Feel energized & happier
  • Improved mood
  • Reduce depression
  • Create healthy habits
  • Increased vitality and much MORE!

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